Crochet Pattern Pikachu kawaii Pokémon | Amigurumi Crochet

Crochet Pattern Pikachu kawaii Pokémon | Amigurumi Crochet

by Xicotet Amigurumis

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misterpattern presents you with this pattern made by Xicotet Amigurumis with which you will learn to do a Crochet Pattern Pikachu kawaii Pokémon | Amigurumi Crochet step by step, in an easy and simple way.

This is a tutorial to make a lovely pattern of game to sew with clear and detailed explanations and also accompanied by various photos that will guide you during the creation of your work.

If you like pikachu, we encourage you to not hesitate and make it since it is designed so that it can be done by both a beginner and the most advanced of the students.

But if this was not the pattern you were looking for, don't worry, we are sure that you will find it at misterpattern. You just have to keep surfing our website.

We have no doubt that you will manage to create a project equal even better than the original one. Cheer up!

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This is an amigurumi pattern. On these pages, you will find step-by-step instructions for knitting Pikachu kawaii style (Pokémon). The patterns are written in English and Spanish. Includes a 14-page PDF file. I have included detailed instructions, 28 step-by-step photos. Size 17 сm, 2.5 mm crochet hook. Difficulty: easy Please note that this pattern is subject to copyright. You can produce and sell as many items with this pattern as you wish, but no part of this document can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means. Don't forget how much effort is put into this pattern. Respect my rights as a designer, please. Thanks and happy crocheting! ----------------------------------- Este es un patrón de amigurumi. En estas páginas, encontrará instrucciones paso a paso para tejer a Pikachu estilo kawaii (Pokémon). Los patrones están escritos en inglés y español. Incluye un archivo PDF de 14 páginas. He incluido instrucciones detalladas, 28 fotos paso a paso. Tamaño 17 сm, aguja de ganchillo de 2,5 mm. Dificultad: fácil Tenga en cuenta que este patrón está sujeto a derechos de autor. Puede producir y vender tantos artículos con este patrón como desee, pero ninguna parte de este documento se puede reproducir, almacenar en una recuperación sistema, o transmitir en cualquier forma o por cualquier medio. No olvide cuánto esfuerzo se pone en este patrón. Respete mis derechos como diseñadora, por favor. ¡Gracias y feliz ganchillo!

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